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Why EnviroShred?

Reduce Risk, Save Time and Money

why enviroshred?
Reduce Risk

EnviroShred offers its clients the most comprehensive document destruction services compared with any other company of its kind. From paper shredding to hard drive degaussing, EnviroShred provides a secure chain of data security from start to finish.

Save Time

Gone are the days of wasting valuable time and resources to ensure your company's confidential information is stored, and destroyed, securely. For the do-it-yourselfers, our state of the art shredding machines eliminate more data in one hour than what a typical office shredder destroys in a day. Compare our high-tourqe shredding equipment to our competitors and you get document destruction service that is 2-3 times faster. That means we're in and out, quickly. When it comes to digital media destruction, shredding is not always the answer. That’s why EnviroShred offers hard drive degaussing for permanent digital media destruction. Our equipment securely destroys up to 600 drives per hour. When compared to digital overwriting at 3-6 hours per drive, degaussing is the obvious choice.

Save Money

In today’s competitive global market, saving time saves money. When you choose EnviroShred, you choose an industry leader in document destruction technology. Our state of the art equipments gives our customers peace of mind, knowing they are receiving the most timely, cost effective service in the business.