SSD Hard Drive Shredding

EnviroShred can physically destroy SSD hard drives and provide a certificate of destruction. This ensures peace of mind knowing that the possibility of data recovery from hard drives is eliminated.

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Degaussing: A secure and eco-friendly method of digital media destruction.

EnviroShred is the first data destruction company in Alberta to offer on-site hard drive degaussing; the most secure and eco-friendly method of destroying your digital media.

How it Works

The degausser exposes your hard drive to a magnetic field that wipes your digital media clean. The hard drive is then crushed, prior to being recycled.

The Highest Data Protection Available

Degaussing is the process trusted by both provincial and federal government agencies, as well as the U.S military as the highest standard for data security.

See For Yourself

Serving Calgary and Edmonton businesses, we guarantee your data's security by having a trained and bonded EnviroShred professional destroy your digital media on-site, right before your eyes.

Following completion of the degaussing process, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction to confirm your digital media has been securely destroyed. EnviroShred will remove the crushed hard drives to be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

The Degaussing Advantage

Saving time saves money, and our hard drive degaussers do just that. Our equipment can securely destroy up to 600 hard drives per hour, making the degaussing technique nearly five times more cost effective than traditional digital destruction techniques.

EnviroShred is NAID-Certified for the Destruction of:

  • Physical hard drives
  • Non-paper media
  • Solid state devices
  • Products

Areas We Serve *

  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Medicine Hat

* including surrounding areas

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EnviroShred's Service Process

The staff at EnviroShred are experienced professionals. From your first interaction with our office staff, and throughout your service experience, you will get EnviroShred's first-class customer service.

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Step 1

Contact your nearest EnviroShred location in Calgary, Edmonton, or Medicine Hat.

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Step 2

Discuss your shredding, organics, or recycling needs with our friendly office staff and choose an on-going or a one-time service.

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Step 3

Your service is completed by our experienced customer service representatives.


Step 4

You receive your Certificate of Destruction verifying the completion of your service.

"Enviroshred is an outstanding service provider! The staff at the office and the crews operating the mobile shredding trucks are excellent. I highly recommend them, not just for being very competitive on price, but also very exceptionally good at what they do. We have used them for several years and have been extremely happy with the shredding service. The crews are professional, friendly and helpful. We had a huge load to shred when we went paperless. They easily accommodated our needs. Even when we reduced our usage, the team has continued to serve us as a valued client. Definitely the number one shredder provider in the West!"

- Paul

(source: Google review)