Calgary green cart composting program.

Composting of organics has a huge impact on our carbon footprint as well as our Calgary environment.

For these reasons, the City of Calgary has expanded recycling and organics waste bylaws which affect all businesses in Calgary. These bylaws require companies to have both recycling bins as well as green bins for compostable organics collection.

By providing innovative food waste recycling solutions, EnviroShred provides an avenue to comply with the new City of Calgary by-laws.

EnviroShred offers specialized, professional collection services for compostable organics that includes:

  • high quality, bins designed to mitigate odors and pests;
  • green bins that are swapped each service with a new compostable liner; and
  • a variety of collection bin options, that can be configured to meet your needs.

Acceptable organics materials:

  • Vegetable and fruit trimmings
  • Meat, dairy, and even bones
  • Coffee grounds, filters, and wooden stir sticks
  • Compostable plateware and serving utensils
  • Food scrapings
  • Soiled paper towels

Having a customized collection system for compostable organics is not only essential, but allows you to be compliant with the new City by-laws. Each space has unique restrictions which influence how a program is setup. A specialized program ensures program safety, cleanliness, ease-of-use, and cost effectiveness.

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"Enviroshred is an outstanding service provider! The staff at the office and the crews operating the mobile shredding trucks are excellent. I highly recommend them, not just for being very competitive on price, but also very exceptionally good at what they do. We have used them for several years and have been extremely happy with the shredding service. The crews are professional, friendly and helpful. We had a huge load to shred when we went paperless. They easily accommodated our needs. Even when we reduced our usage, the team has continued to serve us as a valued client. Definitely the number one shredder provider in the West!"

- Paul

(source: Google review)