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Why Shred?

Security, Compliance, Savings

1. Security
Information that has been handled properly by a professional shredding service cannot be recovered. EnviroShred guarantees that our document destruction process is 100% secure and provides you with a Certificate of Destruction to confirm it.

2. Legislative compliance
Privacy and data protection have become increasingly important considerations for corporations. The Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act regulates the rules for the management of personal information by organizations involved in commercial activities. Organizations that fail to comply will incur severe penalties.

3. Personal data security
The information age presents new challenges to ensure your personal and confidential information is secure and criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated in their attempts to steal it.

4. Protection against Identity theft
Identity theft has become one of the fastest growing crimes in Canada and the United States. People whose identity has been stolen spend years, often at their own financial expense, reclaiming their reputation.

5. Reduce waste
Shredded paper is recycled into other paper products. This reduces waste and therefore lessens the impact on our environment.

6. Save time and money
Time is money and EnviroShred will help you save both. It takes an employee 5 hours to shred the same volume of material that we can handle in 5 minutes. That's money in your pocket.