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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your service area?

We currently service Calgary, Edmonton and Medicine Hat. However, we welcome service requests from all areas. Please contact us to see how we may be able to assist you.

Why use an outsourced service when I can shred myself?

DIY shredding is far less secure than professional document destruction services, especially in larger offices. In this day and age, leaving your confidential information vulnerable to mishandling can have serious consequences. In terms of efficiency, the volume we manage in one hour would take a typical office shredder days to destroy. Time is money.

If you take our documents to your facility, how do we know they are shredded?

All documents that we collect are destroyed the day they are received – no exceptions. We provide our clients with a Certificate of Destruction with all invoices to prove the documents have been destroyed.

Do you use cross-cut shredding methods?

Our shredders do not work in the same way the typical office shredder works. Paper is not cut. It is actually torn at the fiber, making it impossible to reconstruct.

Do you recycle?

Yes! All of the paper documents we collect are shredded first, recycled second. The digital media we handle is destroyed first, and then disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

Why use EnviroShred's on-site shredding services instead of a standard desk-style office paper shredder?

Simply put - security. Our on-site security containers are locked, preventing tampering of any kind. From start to finish, our on-site handling process is 100% secure and reliable, and safeguards against human error.

Is it required that paper clips or staples be removed from documents slated for destruction?

No. EnviroShred does not require removal of staples and paper clips from documents we are going to shred. Our slow-speed, high-torque shear process can shred binders, staples, paper clips and even videos, tapes and compact discs.

What type of documents should be considered for shredding?

It is cited by the Canadian Security Intelligence that discarded business notes, reports, plans, operational manuals and other sensitive data with regular waste materials can offer valuable insight into the inner workings of an organization. At EnviroShred we recommend that the secure documents mentioned above and including budgets, memos, design ideas, legal documents, training information, trade secrets or any type of confidential information be destroyed by EnviroShred.

What is the process once EnviroShred has destroyed the documents?

After EnviroShred has completely shredded all of material collected, it is compacted and mixed with other data, making it completely unidentifiable. At that time the shredded paper is transported to recyclers who manufacture it into other paper products. This reduces waste and therefore lessens the impact on our environment.

How often will EnviroShred visit a site to shred their documents?

EnviroShred offers both "scheduled" service and a "purge" service. Our scheduled service is convenient for businesses that consistently generate a high volume of confidential information. The scheduling of their service will be determined based on volume and frequency of need. EnviroShred's 'purge' service is for businesses that do not generate large volumes of sensitive material and are adequately served on an on-call basis.