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Mobile Shredding Services in Calgary

On and Off Site Shredding Solutions

Whether you choose our on-site or off- site mobile shredding, we ensure a secure chain of custody until your documents are destroyed. All shredded material is taken to a secure recycling facility where it is re-manufactured into low grade paper goods.


With on-site data protection, you can be sure that your confidential information never falls into the wrong hands. Simply place the documents in our secure containers and we handle the rest. You can rest assured that our locked security containers prevent the removal of sensitive material and keeps it protected throughout the handling process.

We offer four types of locked security containers, free of charge.

Our process: Simple, Secure and Convenient

Together we establish an on-site service schedule based on the volume of material you generate for destruction. On your service date, an EnviroShred professional removes the containers from your office with minimal disruption to your business activities. Next, the containers are deposited into our industrial shredding trucks using a lift device system to ensure optimal security during disposal. Your confidential information is shredded immediately, on-site and right before your eyes.

After all containers have been serviced, we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction which is issued with each invoice.


Off-site service is available as an alternative method. All material is picked up and destroyed in the same day, and follows the same security practices as our other destruction services.

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